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AUTO-CUBY Tourist Exclusive Minibus

The Exclusive Sprinter minibus offers comfort, space and style without breaking the bank.
Exquisite and timeless designs, bright and modern layout, attractive allure and a sense of discreet luxury.
Like the Tourist sprinter it is available in different chassis sizes with various combination seats number and layout options and can be adapted to any specific use.

Custom built Exclusive Sprinter Minibus version are available in many colour and designs. On request, you may want to include equipment as shown in our:

We have a wide selection of seat choices, Lighting, Luggage Space, On board technology, roof hatch, Catering appliances, trims and styling, Doors, Tables, Body Kit, etc.
Our previous customer who bought that vehicle, provide the below services;
Private Chauffeur, Airport Transfer, Corporate Transport, Private Transport, Taxi & Limo service,
VIP service, Protection Services, Music Bands, Sport Clubs Directors, luxury holiday tour company.

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AUTO-CUBY Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus
These category of vehicle can be called by many names like ; Minibus , microbus or mini coach. The idea is that this particular vehicle use,  is dedicated to carrying passenger. The advantage of the minibus comparing to a people carrier or minivan , multi-van ,  is simply the possibility to carry more passenger in total comfort.
Our Sprinter minibus can carry between 9 and 24 individuals , depending on the use and the wish of our customers.
Auto-Cuby Sprinter minibuses attract a lot of interest and we find that our vehicles are commonly used for;

  • Public Transportation
  • Airport buses
  • Airport Transfer
  • Park & Ride
  • Town Bus Services
  • Coaches Company
  • Tour Companies
  • Luxury Holiday Tour Companies
  • Holiday Excursion Services
  • Hotel Transportation
  • Transit Transportation
  • School Services
  • Sports Clubs Transportation
  • Various Organisations & Associations use
  • Rural & Town passenger Transportation
  • Local Authorities Transportation
  • Wheelchair User Transportation
  • Special Passenger Transportation
  • Clinic Transportation
  • Hospital Transportations
  • Paratransit Transport
  • Taxi Services
  • Flexible demand responsive transport
  • Events Company Outings
  • Limousine Services
  • Private Chauffeuring
  • Private Transport
  • Corporate Transportation
  • Executive Transportation
  • VIP transportation
  • Close Protection Services
  • Music bands
  • Government Bodies
  • The Rich & Famous

AUTO-CUBY Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus is extremely versatile and very popular.
Available in many colour and designs. We offer a wide selection of seating options, Lighting, Luggage Space, On board technology, roof hatch, Catering alliances, trims and styling, Electric Doors, Tables, Body Kit, comfortable seats, a spacious passenger cabine, on-board technology, attractive finishes, stunning ambiance lighting, on board catering options, incredible luggage space options,  (etc…). Available in different chassis and  sizes with various combination of seating  number and layout option, it  can be adapted to any specific use.
The AUTO-CUBY Tourist Sprinter Minibus offers great value for money, with a reasonable price range for a very attractive and comfortable vehicle.

Custom built Tourist Sprinter Minibus are available in many colour and designs. On request, you may want to include equipment as shown in our:
Our vehicles are Custom built in our high-tech lab .This means that we are able to modify, adapt and custom build your vehicle according to your demands and needs .

We are by law able and experienced in the following work on each of our production vehicle, we carry out and issue the relevant certificates for the following ;

  • Chassis Extensions
  • Additional weight load modification ( in the case of chassis extension and maximum seating number and luggage )
  • Full van Conversion into buses
  • Body work modification
  • Windows installation modification , creations or increasing ( Full Panoramic Windows )
  • External Air-Con unit addition
  • Air-Con distribution to each passenger
  • Additional Heating system and Convector installation in the passenger cabine
  • Passenger Cabine elevation , to increase luggage space
  • Electrical installation and adaptation
  • Body Kits installation
  • Spray jobs
  • Electric Doors Installation
  • Security Options installations ( ex; Emergency Hatch exits or Doors )
  • Seat installation
  • Table installation
  • Lighting installation
  • On the rail seating system
  • Catering equipment installation
  • Technology Installation , the list is endless …

Our custom built bodies are produced in a special environment by qualified workers as attested by quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 awarded in November 2005 by TUV Rheinland. Additionally all the elements used in the production have a Type Approval and an hygienic tests allowing their usage. These include interior panelling, seat belts armature, and seats. The seats made by Intap and Automet also have the necessary certificates and the equivalent Type of Approval. We issue Approval Certificate for the vehicles we produce according to the Type of Approval procedures. This applies to 500 series, Type of Approval 906 KA 50 nr_PL*3856*00.

In November 2007 our company received the next certificate given by DEKRA 200718631-R. This entitles all service station MB to raise their speed from 90 km/h (allowed speed for TIR) to 100,4 km/h (buses). The certificate allows driving at a speed of 100 km/h in Poland, in the European Union and Scandinavia. Those changes do not result in the loss of the producer guarantee since they are done according to the procedures required by MB.

N.B Type of Approval is the English translation of ‘Homologation’.

Driving License Requirements;
Some countries may require an additional class of driving license over a normal private car licence, and some may require a full commercial driver’s license. The need for such a licence may depend on:

  • Vehicle weight or size
  • Seating capacity
  • Driver age
  • Intended usage
  • Additional training such as the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme in the UK

In the UK the following information regarding Minibus driving licences is important: “The holder of an ordinary car driving licence which was obtained prior to January 1997, once aged 21 years minimum, may drive a Minibus with a capacity of 16 passengers. Where the “ordinary car driving licence” is obtained after December 1996, they will have to take a separate test to drive a vehicle with a capacity of more than 8 passengers. However, there is an exemption for certain volunteer drivers, where the vehicle does not exceed 3500 kg GVW (or 4250 kg GVW if the vehicle is designed to be wheelchair accessible).

Our previous customer who bought that vehicle, provide the below services ;

  • Coaches & Travel Companies
  • Tour & Travel Companies
  • Taxi & Limousine Companies
  • Private & Corporate Chauffeur Companies
  • VIP & Executive Services
  • Close Protection Companies
  • Events Companies
  • PR companies
  • Hotels
  • Golf Courses Establishments
  • Various Organisations & Associations
  • Private Schools
  • Councils & Government Bodies
  • Airports
  • Airport Transfer Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Sport Clubs
  • Various Official Team Representation ( Formula 1 , Brand , Commercial )
  • Health Clinics
  • Hospital
  • Wheel Chair Users
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