Right here you can find descriptions and photographs of our available new custom built minibuses. We have many alternative designs and configurations, regarding the length of a ready to use bus, as well as, the interior equipment and design. You can choose between standard lengths offered by the manufacturer, or lengthened versions of vehicle body (there are two methods of lengthening: interaxel and behind axel). The longest vehicle we can offer is 7345 mm.

The second stage of manufacturing a minibus is the interior styling. We offer four basic equipment designs: city/town version, tourist version, special version and VIP version. Additionally we can further furnish each version with any available accessories, according to your specifications.

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Auto-CUBY – Van Partner Mercedes-Benz

Auto-CUBY has a status VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. We are one of the few companies that can be proud of this title. It is an honor and obligation in the same time to produce our buses at the highest global level.



This year, the Busworld trade fair takes place between 16-21 October. Auto-CUBY will present new tourist buses built on the basis of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Iveco. As the premiere our company will show Sprinter CUBY tourist version with a raised deck.


Auto-CUBY on OSLO Expo

Auto-CUBY presented at the fair in Oslo five cars. In this completely new Iveco midibus. Class midi bus, bringing along on board 33 people, this completely new design is based on the basis of Iveco.

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